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Our partnership with parents

Working in partnership with parents is paramount to children's learning and development. We aim to provide a collaborative approach between parent and setting.
Each child will be allocated a member of staff known to the parent and child as your child's 'Key Worker'. This person will have a unique understanding of what your child's current interests and needs are and will ensure that these interests are used to stimulate and enhance their time with us. 

Your child's Key Worker will effectively share information with you in order for your child's needs to be understood and therefore met. A child's time with us should be memorable not just for them but for parents too. Your Key Worker will capture all of your child's learning and talking about your child's learning may happen informally at the beginning or end of the day when you drop off or collect from Pre-School. 

We recognise how busy parents are and it may not be possible to engage in a daily conversation with your child's Key Worker, but there are tools to support a regular two way flow of communication such as our online blog, e.Profiles, which are sent home termly, newsletters and emails. Parents evenings and meetings take place regularly and provide opportunities for sharing observations with parents and the opportunity to listen and respond to any thoughts or questions you may have. 

We hold regular fund raisers throughout the year. These are a good way to build strong and happy relationships between the parents and the Pre-School through having fun.