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Approach to Child Development

At Aston and Cote Pre-School, we work hard to ensure that every child's day is full of fun with experiences that develop confidence and independence.

We monitor children’s individual progress, assessing their skills and talents.  Detailed records are kept for all children and we use these to build an online profile for parents to hand on to their  first school.

Parents’ evenings are held twice a year and more informal contact and feedback from parents is encouraged.

A key-person system operates for all children, with each member of staff having responsibility for their designated children. This is important for the continuity of care, as it provides a single point of contact for parents and enables the key-worker 

to effectively monitor the development of their key children.

For under threes, there is at least one carer for every 4 children and for children aged three to five there is at least one carer for every 8 children.